Picture it, Cuba, 1952. You’re a popular English dance teacher Pierre Lavelle. You’re on a mission to learn some techniques from those who created the most popular Latin dances of all time! While working on Mambo and Rumba you notice the natives integrating the two dances. Rock steps and shuffle steps, creating a triple rhythm! Little did you know, when you got home, you’d help spread one of the most diverse dances of the modern history.

Cha Cha came to American soil around 1954. This playful and cheeky dance took the states by storm.  With huge hits from performers like Perez Prado and Trios Los Panchos the American dance floor would never be the same. Danced with sharp, staccato, movements the Cha Cha Cha livens up any couple encouraging them to flirt and participate with each other. What makes this dance so diverse is how it can be done to everything from 1950’s Rumba all the way to today’s top 40.

5 Awesome Reasons to Learn the Cha Cha Cha

  1. Achieve speed with the feet
  2. Create sharp rhythm with your hips
  3. Learn fun and flirty styling
  4. Learn to control balance with weight forward onto the toes
  5. To have a flashy and fun dance to shut the dance floor down!!!