What is Festival?!

Well everyone it’s that time again! It’s Festival time. You may be new to dancing so let’s do a little break down! In the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Organization, festival is a time where all of the studios in our region compete for student participation.  Attending group class, participating in our dress up parties, enrolling on lessons and of course BRINGING GUESTS!

What do you guys get out of it? 4 weeks of crazy fun classes and social parties, tickets for everything you do even when you enroll on your lessons! Those tickets get you in the running to win tons of free lessons and door prizes! Each party we give away a 4 lesson package 2 40 minute private lessons and 2 40 minute group classes. At our victory party December 16th, 2016 we give away the grand prizes!

  • 3rd: 4 Privates and 4 Group Classes
  • 2nd:6 Privates and 6 Group Classes
  • 1st :10 Private and 10 Group Classes


For the teacher this is a time to help students reevaluate their dance goals for the next 6 months. The studios participate in showcases, competitions, fun trips like cruises!

How do you win tickets?! Great question!


  • 1 Private = 10 tickets
  • 1 Group Classes = 50 tickets
  • 1 Party = 20 tickets
  • Costume = 10 tickets
  • 1 Guest = 100 TICKETS!!

Enrollments and Tuition

  • 1 Lessons Enrolled = 1 ticket
  • $1.00 = 1 ticket

Join the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Organization this season to improve your dancing, have some fun and maybe even learn something new!