The Fred Astaire Trophy System:

Even if you only want to learn to dance for your own personal enjoyment or if you aspiring to continue your dancing lessons and take them to the competition level, we have everything you need to help you make your dreams a reality.

Our dance studio is based on The Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studio Trophy System so that you can easily measure your progress as you advance to the upper levels that you want to achieve.

When The Fred Astaire National Dance Counsel approached The National Dance Council of America with its formula for the Fred Astaire Trophy System it was quickly approved due to its combination of the basic dance elements which were designed to produce a fascinating, unique level to both social dancing as well as competitive dancing. Later they added even more exciting levels for Dance Sports which is now recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as an Olympic event.

The Fred Astaire National Dance Counsels have more than 30 professional from the United States as well as World Champions.

So if you are a just beginning your journey into dance, or have already made your way up the ranks to a higher level in the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Trophy System, you will be sure to find everything you need at our dance studio to assist you in reaching your dancing aspirations.

We teach the Ballroom and Latin Dances. These Include:

Dance lesson cary

Smooth Ballroom Dances :

  • Foxtrot Dance

  • Waltz Dance
  • Viennese Waltz Dance
  • Tango Dance
  • Quickstep Dance

Latin Rhythm Dances :

  • Mambo Dance
  • Cha Cha Dance
  • Salsa Dance
  • Samba Dance
  • Bolero Dance
  • Swing Dance
  • Paso Doble Dance
  • Jive Dance
  • Merengue Dance
  • Rumba Dance