Tango; The most recognized style of music in the world. The accordion, the violin, the rose! Being a combination of traditional South American dances and African rhythms, the modern Tango we know today was born in the late 1890’sin Buenos Aires. Most dancing was done in the slums and rough parts of the city. Most dancing was done between two gentlemen due to the lack of female immigrants at the time.

When the richer sons Argentina would adventure in the poorer neighborhoods and learn Tango as a part of their escapades. These same sons would travel to Paris, the cultural capital of the world, and show off their native Tango. Soon Tango blew up all over Europe and soon after America. Newspapers in New York around 1915 were filled with ads from Tango studios wanting to gain some traction during the “Tango Craze”.

Today Tango finds itself being one of the most famous dances in all the world. It is danced on every ballroom floor from here to China!