For Wedding Dance Memories That Will Last a Lifetime…

We know how important your Wedding Day is, and we can help make it even more special! At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we customize our Wedding Dance Instruction Programs just for you, to give you both the confidence and skills to show off your elegance, style – and maybe even a little personality on the dance floor, on your wedding day. We’ll help you create a special “First Dance” that’s totally “YOU” – be that elegant, contemporary or just plain fun. Amaze your family and friends with your new-found dance skills, and enjoy magical wedding memories that will be yours forever!

Our VIP Wedding Package

For the ultimate wedding dance package, the wedding couple will enjoy all of the above and the added benefit of the following:
  • Choreography and Instruction for the Father/Daughter and the Mother/Son dances.
  • Instruction in social dancing for anyone in the wedding party.
  • Professional dance instructor’s presence at the ceremony to work choreography with the DJ.
  • And the Professional guarantees his or her presence for at least one hour at the reception.
  • Professional dance instructor will also motivate guests to begin dancing at the wedding.

Our Regular Package

For a more basic selection, enjoy the following:
  • Packages ranging from 40 private lessons to 5 private lessons based on desired comfort, confidence and aesthetics.
  • Choreography and Instruction provided for the first dance of the special couple, customized according to chosen shoes, dresses, and photography.
  • We will help you choose the music for your first dance if needed.
  • Software to create custom medleys or splicing, sometimes it’s difficult to pick just one song!
  • Instruction in social dancing for the reception is optional.
  • Dance planning customized to all wedding venues.
  • Dance rehearsal provided in a social environment for the first dance.

No matter which package you select, our goal is to help you and your soon to be spouse relax, dance, and enjoy your special wedding in your very own way. For more information and for pricing, please call us today at (919) 380-2185. We look forward to helping you plan your perfect dance!