Help put Fred Astaire Cary in the running for top Guest getters! Bring your friends to our Open House Guest Party every Thursday at 7:15 and help your teacher move up the ranks! We are recognized for our Guest attendance and beyond that, it’s a free party! who wouldn’t love that?! There is always social dancing for you and your friends as well as a Professional Exhibition during our Guest Party.  You win, they win, and we win. Everyone wins!

For every qualified guest you bring, who enrolls on a Guest Special, you win 2 Free Lessons! So whom can you think to ask? Ask them today! Bribe them with food or BEER! It’ll be fun!

Most likely, your potential guests are worried about feeling silly or not knowing anyone at the studio.  This party is exclusive to Guests and the students who bring them, so the only person to feel silly with is a friend! The party lasts from 7:15 to 8pm every Thursday, and at the end, we act out a goofy skit and everyone leaves with a smile! FUN!