Recently we held an event, the first event here in Raleigh for Stir Events of  We were excited to host this event last night from 7-9pm. here at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Cary!

Here’s What the promotion sounded like:

Give this class a whirl

Ready to learn how to bust a move? Here’s your chance to learn how to dance in one fantastic evening.  Grab a drink and a partner. Dance the night away!

Your night begins with time to mingle and enjoy a relaxing beverage. Then, one of Fred Astaire’s expert instructors will introduce you to the basics of several different dances.  You will continuously change partners, meeting everyone! After the group lesson, the music goes up and the lights go down as you show off your new moves and get to know the ones who catch your eye. All you have to do? Walk in! You’ll be dancing out the doors by the end of the night. Dance experience not required.

Thanks again for allowing us to be the host studio for this event and many more in the future!