There is music in the air and we are gearing up for the “Ballroom meets Broadway” Showcase! Come by soon and get your showcase tickets for $15 each. $20 at the door.  It’s going to be a fun and foxy show! Thank you to all of our students who are participating in this Showcase!

AND…Do you know someone who would love to learn to dance but just may not be comfortable to do so alone? Bring them tomorrow night at 7:15pm to the Open House Guest Party for an exclusive party and a fun learning environment!

There are so many great benefits to bringing guests to our studio…

1. YOU WIN! For every qualified guest who signs up for a guest program YOU WIN a FREE PRIVATE LESSON!

2. YOUR TEACHER WINS! Fred Astaire Dance Studios recognizes teachers regionally and nationally every time their student(s) brings a guest!

3. YOUR GUEST WINS! This party is especially designed for your guest to learn fun and easy dance steps with our staff.  Then we put on a professional dance exhibition just for them. FUN!

4. FRIENDS! Dancing with friends is the best!

…so ask around and make it a date!

Have a great rest of the week students.  We’ll see you on the floor!