Summer Festival Theme 2013 is Broadway Musicals!

Sponsor Week is this week! Get tickets for the drawings to win Dance Lessons and maybe even some new shoes!
Come out for our Friday night Costume Parties every week this month!

Week one, June 7th – dress in style for “Broadway Classics” Week. Wear your Top hat and Tails if you want to join the Chorusline, or bring your best fur wig and face paint out for Cats! If Caboret is your fancy, see who has the best legs in Fishnet (probably Paul or Angelo). If you want to welcome your Momma to the 60’s, wear your biggest hair bouffant for Hairspray!

Week two, June 14th – “Disney on Broadway” Week! Steal your child’s last Halloween costume and be Aladdin and Jasmine! Or go get wild for Lion King! Mary Poppins is always ready to float in down the chimney with Dick Van Dyke covered in Soot. If you need more romance than that, just do your best prince charming and sleeping beauty.

Week three, June 21st – “ROCK OF AGES” Victory Party! 80’s was the time for rock and roll if you ask us, so get out that old Poison Tee and tease that hair up. Glasses are supposed to be too big and hair shouldn’t fit inside your car if you are ready to party with us! We want to Rock and Roll all night and Party every day (or at least 8-9pm on the 21st of June). Win prizes and look cool doing it!