We had a fabulous time this morning with Sharon Tazewell, of our local WNCN Today News! Get up and watch us!

Weekdays, between 5:50-6:50am, during the “Smarter Living” segment, we will be featured discussing (and showing off) the many benefits of Ballroom dancing! If you are not an early bird, set your DVR or other device to WNCN, and then you can share the recording as many times as you want!

Thank you to our gracious and loyal students, Anne Johnson, Sue Long, and Carl Jack, for agreeing to be featured in the segment! We want to thank you three, as well as Fred Haithcock for getting up and dancing with us so bright and early! You all did a perfect job! We are so happy that each of you shared your personal testimonies on the benefits of dancing!

P.S. Please share our NEWS news with your friends and family. Hopefully the fantastic testimonials of real people (non dance instructors) will get Hesitant Harrys and Timid Tina’s everywhere to try Ballroom Dancing!

Way to go Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Cary!