Thursday evenings at 7:15pm – you’ve heard it before – is the OPEN HOUSE GUEST PARTY! Have you told anyone you are dancing? Have you invited a friend to try dancing as well? If not, ask them to join you in coming to the studio this Thursday night (or any Thursday for that matter) at 7:15pm.

We will put on a skit, we will take your friends around the dance floor, and you will be able to show off your skills too! Who wouldn’t want a chance to try the wonderful world of dance? Every guest party is free to attend, and if your guest likes what they see, they can sign up for an introductory course at only $20.00! What a deal!

Help your teacher teach more, help yourself earn 2 free lessons (1 Private, 1 Group) for every guest you bring, and help your friends learn to dance!

Thank you to those students who do ask your friends to come to the studio.  We surely appreciate you!  It seems like nagging, but we see it as spreading the love!

Happy Dancing!