Dancing has tons of benefits from mental well being to physical fitness. What about the couples? One word, communication! How many times have you or your partner asked the other to communicate better? Dancing opens up and even teaches couples how to communicate again. Whether you have lost that spark as a couple or just been so busy with life you’ve forgotten who your partner was! Dancing will springboard you into healthy conversation!

  • Facing the Challenge:
    • How proud of yourself are you when you face and conquer a challenge…pretty great right? On the dance floor, unless you have danced before, you and your partner will face many challenges. Imagine the feeling and the bond you create when you face and conquer the challenge together!
  • Working Life Out on the Dance Floor:
    • Dancing is a primarily physical activity. Physical communication, leading and following, can be a real spring board for opening up your verbal communication. Personality traits you or your partner may not show off very often rear their heads while dancing. Passion, sexiness, chivalry and playfulness, all of the traits that caused you and your partner to fall in love to begin with!
    • When you dance, you connect. When you connect, you communicate.
  • Dating Again:
    • Remember the time before kids, before work, before life took over? Get that “Date Night” feeling all over again. Dress up, go out and show off those cool dance moves you’ve learned in class!

What an easy and fun way to fall in love all over again with your partner. Learn to communicate physically and verbally again. As an extra bonus for couples, when you move your heart rate increases and endorphins get to pumping. Endorphins are the happy chemical released in your brain that makes you feel good. When you both feel good, what could possibly be better?holiday-cover-30