A Bulletin posted in September 2013 AARP Magazine, brought to us by one of our wonderful dance students, reads:

Dance: Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise

“A colleague once told me, ‘The problem with older people is they just don’t dance anymore!’” says Standford’s Laura L. Carstensen.   “He’s right.  Dancing is terrific exercise; it’s fun and something most people can easily do.”  Besides giving you a great cardio boost, dance strengthens bones, works all the major muscle groups, builds stamina and improves balance, coordination and flexibility.  Also, if you learn new steps and dance with a partner, you banish loneliness and ramp up brain power by combining two other key elements of brain health: learning new things and socializing.

What a great article for September!

Happy Tuesday everyone and come out tonight for “Stretch for Dance” Class.  Wear something comfortable! :)